Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pirates Have The Record...For Now

Agreed, the Pirates now hold a sad record of 17 consecutive losing seasons. That is very bad. I would counter that the Phillies have a worse record of something like 32 losing seasons out of 33 way back when but let's stick with the current record. My feeling is that if the Pirates can break their losing streak in the next 2 years, they won't be holding that record for long. The Baltimore Orioles currently have 12 consecutive losing seasons and I see no .500 record for them in sight. They are as bad as the Pirates and are in a much tougher division which, I believe, won't soon get any easier. The Orioles are DOOMED !! They face the Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Rays 18 times each every year. Thus far this year they are 18-38 against their division foes. My guess is that it will be like this every year. The Orioles will be fortunate to go 8-10 against each of those other AL eastern division teams. That means they would be 32-40 if all things go well. That leave 90 games, every year, for them to win 50. yes, the Orioles would have to go 50-40 to avoid a sub .500 record. The Yankees and the Red Sox are not going to play poorly with the amount of money they spend. The Rays are young and should win for a while. Toronto always plays pretty well, at least enough to go 10-8 versus the Orioles. Many years the Orioles will not go 8-10 against their division foes...this makes it even tougher.

Let's put it this way... I see the Orioles getting at least 40 losses in their division..every year. That leaves 122 game sfor them to win 82. Is it really possible for the Orioles to win 82 of 122 of the other games ?? ...I think not.

The Orioles couldn't play .500 baseball when the Rays were bad, how can they possibly do it while the Rays are good ?? THEY CAN'T.

Cheer up Bucco fans !! Just like in 1971 and 1979 the Orioles are here to save us. My prediction is the Orioles will break the Pirates record of consecutive seasons of sub .500 ball 5 years after thye Pirates snap their own streak.

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